Perfect Social Sharing Buttons

Alrighty, last week I was complaining about how social sharing buttons are broken.

Update: they still are, however, I just stumbled upon The Next Web’s share button. Look how amazing it is! It counts the number of shares they have around the web. Pure awesomeness.

Image of great social sharing buttons from The Next Web

Share button perfection

The only thing missing is the one-click share but that’s hardly a detraction.

Kudos, TNW, way to be progressive.

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  • philgo20

    Really? You prefer this to a couple 1-click button? How much do you really care about how many times it was shared? If you want to share, won’t you share it anyway?

  • Eric Warnke

    I definitely do. Those one click buttons make like 80 requests when the page loads, usually versus my 10 or 20. They are always the last thing to load. They also are poorly spaced and impossible to customize.

    In addition, the only real 1-click buttons are Facebook Like and Google +1. Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like all require additional steps in a popup window.

  • Stephen Meyers
  • Eric Warnke

    Thanks, I was actually interviewed for that.

  • Gabriel Zerguine

    Good job (y)