DreamHost is a Nightmare!

On March 5th I purchased an account with DreamHost. I’d heard good things about them and they’re a fairly large name in the world of web hosting. Unfortunately our relationship was not meant to be.

The last two months have been pretty frustrating as DreamHost was constantly having problems and my blog was extremely slow. Even just navigating their control panel was a boring nightmare. And WordPress! It’s slow enough as it is but when I have to wait a full minute to post something it’s not bearable.

So I switched to GoDaddy. My friend Rob and I pitched in for a Virtual Dedicated Server together and it’s only costing about $35/month total. So far it’s going well and I have a lot more options for customization with their full cPanel install that DreamHost’s dumbed down manager.

I am still well within the 90 day refund policy that DreamHost has so I emailed them today asking for a refund. Hopefully they don’t make up an excuse and just give it to me.

Eric is a jack of all trades. From running social networks to internet cafes, he’s been in the startup scene for almost a decade. Recently returned from a stint at Start-Up Chile, Eric spends his days focusing on his startups Backup Box and Surreal WiFi.

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