Death by caffeine

There’s a nifty little site named Death by Caffeine that calculates how many drinks of various products you would have to ingest before croaking. I picked my favourite pop Diet Coke and ran the calculation:

Death by Caffeine

Apparently if I drank 425 cans of Diet Coke I’d be dead….

I decided to run some more calculations: 424.67 cans of Diet Coke would be approximately 151 litres of pop. According to sources, your average human can handle about 2 litres of liquid in their stomach at a time. Also, your bladder can only reasonably hold about 500ml before you must urinate. In addition it takes your stomach approximately 25 minutes for your stomach to empty 50% of the liquid you ingest.

So… 151L/2L x 50min. = 3775 minutes (63 hours).

Now, if you have to pee every 500ml this means 150757.9ml/500 = 301.5 bathroom breaks.

Good luck killing yourself.


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